I've been in touch with Amiga since I was a child, I got my own, really cool one for my 12th birthday. Apart from games I started playing drawing and music. At that time I listened to completely different music than my friends, Art of Nosie, Tangerine Dream, Jarre, Vangelis, and also a lot of Amiga mods. I liked the demoscene, but at that time I didn't know enough. I also tried my hand at Amos, I even wrote a game similar to Hired Guns on vectors. I figured out how to draw them myself. My second big project was a text editor with proportional fonts, I remember thinking before I slept how to do a function, and I only had a basic textbook with a description of the language. Years passed, unfortunately my Amiga died just before my studies, I had to switch to PC, then for many years I forgot about this hardware, then I started collecting them. Although mainly for pleasure, I used to play them from time to time. Today I mainly use AmiKit. Currently I'm a computer graphic designer, composer and sound designer. I love the demoscene and its atmosphere. I even put up something sometimes. Recently I joined MCStudio.
The first thing I got into my hands was the Commodore C64 that my parents bought me. The first game I saw was MOON Patrol. Then, after several years of using the screwdriver, I switched to Amiga 600, expanded to 2MB, which activated min. stick movement in Wing Commander - effect ... jaw drop. After 4 years the A600 went on sale to buy a 3Dfx accelerator for the first PC Pentium 166MMX ... Years later ... or exactly 4 years ago, I returned to Amiging buying A1200 with Blizzard 1260, which allowed me to play everything on the amiga, which was previously beyond my reach. Privately retired digger, potato A-class and district league. Currently an avid amateur cyclist. Professionally, I am on the side of Security in IT.
As a child, he got the Atari800XL on which he learned the Basic, and then the Amiga 500, so he followed the path of Jay Miner's works. Amos fan from the beginning. In the years 95-99 he acted a bit in the groups Phase Truce and Whelpz. The years 2000-2019 are shrouded in darkness, at the time he worked only on PCs, he is reluctant to talk about this infamous period. XD returned to Amiga in 2019, mainly on the WinUAE emulator. Together with Marecheck he founded McStudio in which he codes in Amos and makes small graphics. He founded the #polishretrochannel channel where you can find mainly the Amos course.